Quirk is a game for 2 players created by Shelli Lipton.

The object of the game is to capture 6 of your opponent's 9 tiles, or to render your opponent unable to move by forming Quirks, which enable a player to capture opponent's tiles.

To begin each player receives 9 tiles of a single color. The players decide who moves first. Then the first player places 1 tile in any of the intersections on the board and the second player does likewise on any unoccupied intersection. Note:  2 players may occupy the center intersection. This is the only point that 2 players can occupy at the same time. The tiles are placed on top of each other. Each player then alternates turns placing a tile on the board with the aim of forming Quirks until all tiles are entered. If any Quirks are made during the placing down of the tiles, the players take one of the opponent's tiles from the board per Quirk.

After all tiles are placed on the board, the players alternate turns moving a tile per turn to unoccupied intersections of the board. A player cannot jump over a tile and can only move along a straight line. A player may move through more than one intersection as long as it is unoccupied. Squares can be formed in 34 ways and when they are formed the player calls "quirk" and removes one opposing tile from the board. The opponent then takes his/her turn. A player who makes a Quirk and does not call it can have a tile removed by his/her opponent in his/her turn. The opponent can call it, take a tile, and then go on and make his/her move. A player who makes a Quirk cannot make the exact Quirk in a later turn unless all 4 tiles have been at least once removed from the corners.

1967 Argyle House

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