Publisher: The Montgomery Schoolhouse Co.

Scatter is a game for 2 players.

The object of the game is to get one playing piece on each of the eight movable tiles.

To start:
The eight movable tiles are arranged in a square pattern in the playing box, leaving the center space open. Each player receives eight playing pieces of the same color which are arranged on the movable tiles in a symmetrical pattern. (See the figure below.)

To play the game:
In his/her turn a player can do one of two things:
1. Move one of his/her playing pieces.
2. Move any one of the movable tiles.

Moving a playing piece:
A playing piece can be moved forward, backward, left, or right to an adjacent vacant hole in a tile. Diagonal moves are not allowed. A playing piece may not jump over another playing piece.

Moving a tile:
A tile can be moved by sliding it into the vacant space, vertically or horizontally. A player can move a tile regardless of whether he/she has a playing piece on that particular tile.

To win:
The two players alternate turns moving one playing piece or one movable tile. The first player to succeed in getting one of his/her eight playing pieces on each of the eight tiles at the same time wins the game. See the figure below.

In the example above, Red wins!

ŠThe Montgomery Schoolhouse Co.

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