Watch is a game for 2 players 6 years to adult created by Claude Soucie

Game Equipment:
Instructions, Game Board, 25 Space Tiles (10 different colors), 2 Special Tiles (one black, one white).

The object of Watch is to win the game by landing on your opponent's space tile, or a space tile of the same color, or by maneuvering your opponent to a square which he/she cannot move out of.

To Start:
Place all 25 colored space tiles on the squares of the playing board in a random manner. One player will then place his/her special tile upon any tile on the playing board. The second player follows, with these exceptions: he/she cannot place his/her special tile on a tile next to the first player (except diagonally); or, on a tile of the same color.

Each player, in turn, moves his/her playing piece to the next space tile of his/her choosing in an up, down, or sideways direction; however, not diagonally.

Each time a player moves his/her playing piece, he/she removes the space tile that he/she has just vacated from the board and the game.

Moves are made from one space tile to another only, regardless of the number of empty spaces in between.

A player can move the length or width of the board as long as there are empty spaces in between his/her position and the tile that he/she is moving to; and for clarification, there is no jumping over tiles.

A player wins the game if any of the following is accomplished:
1). He/she moves onto the space tile occupied by his opponent.
2). He/she moves onto a space tile of the same color as that which his opponent is on.
3). His/her opponent cannot move in an up, down, or sideways direction because there are no space tiles remaining in those directions.

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