Big Battle

Author: M. K. Morrison ~ Publisher: Big Battle Games, 1994 ~ Find It!

Big Battle is a new chess game which is played on a board of 100 squares. As in chess, two rival armies fight to defeat the opposing king. The enlargement of the board is the golden opportunity to retain all time-tested values and to introduce a host of refreshing innovations. Big Battle is a new chess game and it is entitled to boast proudly of its newness. New board! New pieces! New powers for old pieces! The brand new Prince has unprecedented powers! The traditional Queen is more mobile than ever. The hoary old Rook can do startling new castling maneuvers. The jaunty old Knight commands novel acrobatics. Even the humble old Pawn, now designated Sol (Soldier), leaps where he used to trudge wearily. Big Battle is new entertainment for the new millenium!
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